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 instituto Lizardi secundaria
Instituto Lizardi secundaria


The secondary school of the Lizardi Institute aims to achieve a comprehensive preparation in each student, starting from the intellectual to practical knowledge, acquiring good study techniques and research strategies for the autonomous achievement of their learning, being responsible for their own acts and decisions, that they take healthy postures towards life and the care of nature, that they use their free time appropriately for the satisfactory insertion in any higher or university study.

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Our students develop fully as citizens of the world. With our coding (primary) and robotics (secondary), entrepreneurship and sustainable attitude programs, we provide you with tools, content and dynamics that enable the transformation of knowledge into solutions that generate social impact.

Instituto Lizardi secundaria


Our students also use technology guided by pedagogy. Technology is at the service of pedagogy and not vice versa.

From the results of our diagnostic evaluations, teachers know the characteristics and intellectual abilities of each of the students and implement strategic actions to enhance their development.

Instituto Lizardi secundaria


Based on the UNOi educational system, personalized, differentiated evaluations are developed, linked to the expected learning.

Our innovative educational resources and state-of-the-art content enable the development of your children's individual potential, through various problem-solving methodologies that also promote collaborative work.

Instituto Lizardi secundaria


The Maker Culture allows your children to perceive themselves as people who can change their world, while developing necessary skills for their current and future life. And our layered architecture leads them to become agents capable of discovering, building and transforming the world.

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