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 instituto Lizardi Bachillerato UNAM

Our High School is affiliated with the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)

This model is oriented towards the ethical formation of the students. The pedagogic principles of this model are:

LEARNING TO LEARN : our students will be able to acquire new knowledge on their own.

LEARNING TO BE: where the purpose of serving them is stated not only in the field of knowledge, but also in the development of human values, particularly ethical, civic and artistic sensitivity.

LEARNING TO DO: learning includes the development of skills that allow them to put their knowledge into practice.

Based on these principles, knowledge is grouped into four areas of knowledge:

Instituto Lizardi Bachillerato UNAM


Students are taught to perceive this discipline as a science in constant development which will allow them to solve problems.

Instituto Lizardi Bachillerato UNAM

Experimental Sciences

At present, the development of science and technology require the inclusion of thought strategies and structures to enable them to understand the information with scientific characteristics that is presented to them.

Instituto Lizardi Bachillerato UNAM

Social and History  

It is important that the students analyze and understand specific problems of the social processes of philosophical thought and global culture.

Instituto Lizardi Bachillerato UNAM


It is essential that students read books in this model and the teaching of the English language. This is a very important activity in our school.


Similarly, considering that scientific knowledge and technology is developing vertiginously, the CCH updates of the contents of their study programs; whereby, This baccalaureate offers its students an education in accordance with the 21st century requirements. In this process there are also the computational means that bring them closer to universal culture.

The reading of books is essential in this educational model as well as the teaching of the English language, because in addition to Spanish, this language is the most predominant in exchanges of all kinds and in communication through global networks.

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