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40 years of excellence

 instituto Lizardi

Founded in 1980, Instituto Lizardi is a private bilingual school with a solid academic program.

It fosters significant learning experiences that help students to develop their potential in a stimulating and friendly environment.

The school covers different learning levels: pre-school, elementary, middle school, and high school. It is an inclusive learning community that celebrates diversity. We promote ethical and moral values.

Letter from the principal

New sanitary protocols were established to ensure that our students and teachers are safe during the present contingency.

Learn about the new protocols
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United Nations Models

We participate in the UN’s national and international models to provide our students with an informed vision of what happens in the world. This develops their critical thinking, analysis, and public speaking.

Our roots

We organize a fair called, Guerrero es una Cajita. (The name comes from a song about Guerrero, that talks about the wonderful things that can be found in the state.) In the fair, students learn about the geography, culture, gastronomy, and art of our state of Guerrero. Our aim is to teach our students to love and care for our land.

Into the future

Our institution has a “maker classroom” with a 3D printer and other devices. Students learn to develop their skills through robotics enabling them to face the challenging future.

Educating through art

We offer dance, theater, painting, and music to complement our academic program ensuring a truly integral education.

Mens sana in corpore sano

We aim at helping students develop a healthy life through sports and healthy eating habits.

Environmental and social responsability

Our students have a group called “The Caretakers of the Planet” and continuously organize campaigns to clean beaches, protect turtles and whales, plant orchards, make compost, and protect animals in general.

Instituto Lizardi