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 instituto Lizardi
Instituto Lizardi preescolar


In this area we offer an integral program in the cognitive, emotional, and motor skills areas.

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Instituto Lizardi primaria

Elementary school

In elementary school, we aim at an Integral development fostering a sense of commitment

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Instituto Lizardi secundaria

Middle school

We intend to achieve an integral preparation in each student considering intellectual factors and practical knowledge.

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Instituto Lizardi preparatoria

High school

Our high school is affiliated to the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

This educational model is oriented towards the social and ethical formation of our students.

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As part of Sistema Uno Internacional, our students from pre-school to secondary school are governed by the regulations established by the Ministry of Public Education, and the baccalaureate, in its modality of College of Sciences and Humanities, by the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

Instituto Lizardi modelo educativo

For the Lizardi Institute, it is essential to promote both the knowledge of Mexican culture and that of English-speaking countries, and thus help students have a clear vision of these countries. With this we inculcate in them criteria of universal tolerance, as well as the spirit and vocation of international peace and solidarity.

Instituto Lizardi modelo educativo

At the Lizardi Institute we create a culture of inquiry. Students engage in ongoing investigation of topics that are worthy of their interest, knowledge, and understanding. They support each other through a comprehensive, interdisciplinary program that connects with their interests, experiences, talents, and the real world. Understanding is built through research and application.

Instituto Lizardi modelo educativo

Skills are not ends in themselves, but are put at the service of intellectual endeavors. Optimal learning and problem solving are achieved when people feel safe, that's why we create a warm and positive atmosphere, promoting in our students their socio-emotional intelligence, and fostering their independence and self-confidence.

Instituto Lizardi modelo educativo

The Lizardi Institute considers education as the fundamental means to promote the integral development of the student, his adaptation to the family, school and social environment, the strengthening of attitudes and appropriate values ​​for the conservation and improvement of his physical and mental health, as well as to acquire and enhance their culture.

instituto Lizardi excelecia académica

At the Lizardi Institute we have characterized ourselves, during these 41 years, for being the best educational option in teaching the English language.

Supported by the UNOi educational project, we carry out a state-of-the-art program from preschool to secondary school and, through Cambridge English Language Labs, at CCH.

Our students also have a collection of more than 6,000 books in English on our platform, with which we make sure to promote the love of reading and the formation of critical readers.

Students have the constant accompaniment of their teachers and all the staff of the Institute and learn in a creative and fun way.

In 6th grade of Primary they can obtain the Flyers A2, Movers A1 and Key A2 certificate, according to the diagnosis.

In 3rd year of Secondary they can obtain the Key A2 (KET) or B1 Preliminary (PET) according to diagnosis.

instituto Lizardi excelecia académica

We offer a comprehensive education balancing science, humanities, art, technology and sports.

We encourage proactive and creative critical thinking.

We develop social, political and environmental awareness to live together in a committed way in a plural world;

Our students develop their skills, learn to learn and work as a team.

Our teachers are constantly trained and are very committed to their pedagogical mission.

We promote a stimulating study and work environment.

We seek to train conscientious global citizens, willing to help and responsible, committed to peace, human rights and democracy, open to other cultures and ideologies, capable of appreciating the value of freedom and respectful of dignity and human differences.

Instituto Lizardi