“Me basta saber que nací con la obligación de ser útil a mi patria en los que pueda, que el talento que poseo debo dedicarlo a ayudar a mis semejantes. Si de mil errores logro que se refuten tres o cuatro, ya habré sido útil.” José Joaquín Fernández de Lizardi


We work with the AMCO SYSTEM because they have  proved that their learning programs have specific objectives such as: introducing the children to the  English language, developing competitiveness for life, learning  the usage of the four skills of the language as  listening, speaking, reading and writing. To achieve these objectives, AMCO aims for the entire fulfillment of each person, which may be accomplished with educational guidance to help students discover their full potential; as a result, each student has the potential to do well and enjoy learning.


Education and learning walk hand in hand ... we educate when we strive for fulfillment, and we help students to learn specific problem-solving skills. Our goal is that our students obtain a bilingual, multi-competent profile; in other words, the full demonstration of their capabilities by stimulating their multiple intelligences, while they develop  the American English as a tool to communicate within our society and people from all over the world.


Our educational proposal is to develop and prepare the primary students to enter  the junior high and high school,  where our students will be introduced to the British English, working with the CAMBRIDGE textbooks which would allowed them to be certified  to present the First Certificate.